PRIVATT is an interdisciplinary research project  comprising three elements: an online survey; a social media sentiment analysis, and a socio-legal analysis of technological privacy impacts.

Our national online survey aims to collect data relevant to privacy attitudes in Ireland. A pilot was previously carried out to perfect the final version of the survey. The online survey is anonymous and has three main parts. The first part aims to collect demographic information. The second part aims to build a general privacy profile of the respondent on the basis of state of the art privacy questionnaires. The third part aims to look at the attitudes toward privacy in times of COVID19. In this context, questions about the HSE COVID tracker application also arise. 

Sentiment analysis is performed on public Twitter data. We aim to compare the results of the sentiment analysis with the results of the analysis performed on the data collected via the survey.

The third component of our project consists of an analysis on the technologies used to control COVID19 and a socio-legal analysis.  PRIVATT will examine the results of the survey and social media sentiment analysis from a socio-legal point of view. As well as comparing digital solutions implemented in Ireland with those of other countries, within and beyond the EU, the legal component of PRIVATT will analyse the efficiency versus privacy trade-off of the technological solutions adopted in Ireland to fight the spread of COVID-19. Through the adoption of a socio-legal approach, PRIVATT will assess to what extent people perceive the use of digital technology to fight the spread of COVID-19 as illegal or dangerous from a fundamental rights perspective, notwithstanding its formal legality. Accordingly, it will determine if and to what extent a discrepancy between formal legality and legal reality is emerging in relation to the use of digital technology to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Through a legal-technical analysis of privacy trade-offs and technological solutions in light of the Irish public’s attitudes to privacy, PRIVATT aims to provide specific recommendations to key public and private stakeholders on which technological solutions are best suited for Ireland when responding to the COVID-19 crisis in light of the population’s perception of these technologies.